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Child Recliners and Shipping

Posted on October 23, 2021 by Cornelius Oliver

You have gone ahead and ordered a kid recliner as a gift for your little one. Did you know that there are a few things you can do until you get the chair as well as when you get it that can make the purchase smoother for you?

First of all, child recliners all arrive in the maximum size box that can be handled by UPS, Federal Express and the United States Postal Service. This means that your package is probably in one of those systems. When your package ships your seller must send you an email letting you know which company it shipped with and what the tracking number is.

If your package shipped UPS or FedEx, you are in real fortune. Did you know that these two companies will allow you to change the time and place of delivery until the package is delivered? If you decided that you want it delivered to your work instead of your house, just email your seller and ask them to change the shipping location. Most companies sending kid recliners use FedEx Home Delivery service, which allows you to ask for delivery in the day or on weekends!

As soon as you're kid recliner arrives, make sure to inspect the package. If you can see rips in the box and know that the chair has been damaged, refuse the shipment. Refusing the dispatch sends the package back to the seller quickly. Most good vendors won't even wait to get the damaged chair before cross shipping a new chair to replace it. You may even want to ask about this before purchasing. In my experience, but the demand for this is extremely limited, affecting less than 1% of the chairs we have shipped.

If you are not a house when your package arrives, it will probably be left on your porch. In this case you do not have the chance to refuse the package if it is damaged. Open your package and inspect it as soon as possible. If there's damage notify your seller immediately. A good store won't only cross send you a replacement, but will also issue call tags to the delivery service, having them pick up the damaged chair so that you don't have to send it yourself.

Shipping services are pretty much all the same. What is going to make the difference to you is the vendor's willingness to solve any issue that does arise. Make certain to discover about shipping and return policies before buying.