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Cigar Humidifiers

Posted on September 13, 2021 by Cornelius Oliver

After a long, hard day at work, he sits in front of the fireplace. Humidor in hand, he savors the woodsy aroma, anticipating that long-awaited cigar. As he carefully lighting it, all of his anxiety and worries melt away. For only a moment, life is care-free, life is great.

As any cigar aficionado knows, for best possible taste cigars must be correctly stored. Improperly stored cigars can suffer with sour taste, mould, uneven burn, light issues, and tobacco beetle infestation, among other things. A humidor is a box, space, or case specially designed to keep cigars at optimal taste and freshness. An effective humidor should keep cigars at a temperature of 68 to 70 degrees and a humidity of 68 to 74 percent. A cigar that is too wet will have a sour, unpleasant flavor. A cigar that is too dry will burn too fast and taste acrid. A cigar humidifier helps make sure that the humidity level in the humidor is at the proper level. Some humidors come equipped with a cigar humidifier; a few are sold separately.

Cigar humidifiers can also be utilised in cigar rooms, display cases, and large armoires. They are available in a variety of sizes depending on the size of the humidor and the amount of cigars being saved. They operate by sending a cool mist into the air. Cigar humidifiers are generally cool mist versions. They have a holding tank full of water. A wick draws the water out. Then a fan blows it into the air where it will evaporate. To avoid the chance of mold growth in the humidifier, use distilled water. Don't use spring water as it can promote a build-up of minerals. Generally, water will have to be added about once a month.

Using a cigar humidifier set at the perfect humidity and an effective humidor, cigars can stay fresh-tasting indefinitely.