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Grils à Gaz Portables

Posté le Juillet 24, 2022 par Cornelius Oliver

If your notion of fun can be an afternoon barbecue on the beach or at a camp with friends and family, then you should buy a portable gas grill.

Portable, campsite gas grills are excellent investments given that they come with you anywhere, even on a camping trip. They're light and portable enough to opt for you on short trips such as for example picnics, barbecues along with other similar activities. They're very versatile - you may use them in lots of ways to create nice tasting food that's filled with flavor. Also, they're light enough to be able to store them indoors once the weather is bad.

You should consider many factors when investing in a portable gas grill. Included in this are:

  • Weight. The complete point of a portable gas grill is its handiness - why can you purchase a heavy model? In most cases, portable gas grills shouldn't exceed 40 pounds in weight. Anything heavier may as well be considered a permanent fixture.
  • Cooking surfaces. Choose a portable gas grill with as much cooking surfaces as you possibly can - you can find models which have a BBQ surface, a set grill, and a ribbed grill. Be sure that these surfaces are nonstick to enable you to cook fries, prawns, vegetables and also pancakes without hassle. You can find even portable gas grill models that throw in wok tops so that you can cook pasta and rice dishes.
  • Surface. Most portable gas grills are so handy they have really small surface areas. If you don't only intend to cook for just one or two, it will be better to spend money on bigger grills. Be prepared to spend from $100 to $200 for portable gas grills with 280-square inch surface areas.
  • Extras. Little add-ons such as for example an attachable pot are a symbol of boiling water, a condiments tray, etc. come quite a distance. Some models have even hoods big enough to grill a complete chicken or large roast, plus some have even optional rotisserie kits.
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