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Gift Baskets Are Great Gift Ideas

Posted on August 10, 2022 by Cornelius Oliver

When you are fighting for a great gift idea - whether for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just because - gift baskets are almost always a sure bet. Sooner or later in life, everyone should purchase a gift. But not everyone can think of unique, trendy, or even practical gift ideas. So when you're not sure what sort of gift to buy, gift baskets are a safe and sensible option. The beauty of a basket filled with presents is their universal appeal. They can be given to men, women and kids. In fact, they could well be the closest thing to the ideal gift, because they can be totally made to suit the giver, recipient, occasion, time, and place.

When it comes to gift basket giving, keeping it traditional is often better. Your goal is to give presents that someone wants or desires, right? Now imagine giving someone a whole basket full of presents that they have no use for. Not only is this embarrassing for you - if and when you do find out - but it is extremely disappointing for the receiver.

So fuss and specialty aside, here is some traditional basket gifting ideas that are sure to be hits:

Gourmet Gift Basket: The gourmet basket is the poster child of the gift basket business. A gourmet basket typically includes chocolates, cookies, cheese, crackers, hard candies, nut mixes, and snacks - all presented in a beautiful wicker or reed basket. They are available in various sizes, usually small to jumbo, and can range in price from thirty dollars to several hundred.

Fruit Basket: Who would not want to be given a handsome wicker basket packed with luscious fruits such as Tangelos, Bartlett and Star Crimson pears, Fuji and Royal Gala apples, Bing cherries and much more? Fruit excites the palate and warms the heart. And also you can send a smorgasbord of premium fruit for under a hundred dollars.

Candle Basket: It is hard to go wrong with candles. The soothing glow and refreshing aroma of a lit candle has cast a spell. In fact, according to USA Today, consumers spent more than $8.4 million dollars last year on candles and home fragrances. That's a good deal of wax! Mesmerizing, candles are indeed one of life's small luxuries and a high gift basket select.

One note of caution: gift basket retailers prefer to pair up candles with spa products and home decor. Therefore, if you're searching for a candle-only basket, consider visiting a candle specialty store, and creating your own candle gift basket from scratch.