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The Advantages of Owning a Diversion Safe

Posted on November 7, 2021 by Cornelius Oliver

When a burglar enters a home, he spends about eight minutes searching for valuables. Most burglars know where folks hide their valuables in the underwear drawer, the sock drawer, beneath the mattress. You can make sure that the burglar sends all of his time searching and not finding anything by hiding your valuables in sudden or hard to reach places.

Probably the best way to maintain your most important documents and valuables is in your safe deposit box at the bank. The next best way is within a professional safe, but unfortunately a protected safe can cost hundreds of dollars.

An inexpensive but effective way to conceal your valuables is a diversion safe. These safes do not seem like the typical steel lockbox safe. Instead, diversion safes are disguises like a hollowed-out book or soda can. Diversion safes seem like containers designed to hide your valuables in plain sight.

Common diversion safes include fake brand name containers for soda pop, canned fruit, house cleaners, or even books. Diversion safes have removable bottoms or tops so that you can place your products in them, and the safes are weighed so that they appear normal when handled.

Diversion safes price much less than normal safes. A soda pop diversion safe, by way of example, usually costs under $20. A faux wall socket to put away money and jewelry prices around $10.

A fake fluorescent lighting container, which can hold more possessions than many diversion safes, costs around $20. A popular and effective diversion safe is a fake stone to hide an extra home key in outdoors, usually costing around $10. Compare these prices to $50 for a small home safe. Unlike more expensive home safes, however, diversion safes are not fireproof.

Diversion safes are a great gift for college students living in the dorms or with nosey roommates. Many kinds of diversion safes are for sale online.